MedForeSight, LLC

IMI (Integrated Medical Intelligence)sm "BRAIN"

The MedForeSight BRAIN sm BRAIN is a visual intelligence analytics platform designed to optimize the acquisition and sharing of massive amounts of medical technology "Big Data" ...  Powered by TheBrain Technologies, the MedForeSight BRAINsm allows users to rapidly execute the critical tasks of Knowledge Discovery, Capture, Aggregation and Analysis to create Actionable Intelligence.

Featuring a constantly expanding, continually updated repository of over 100,000 "Thought" data-points, the MedForeSight BRAINsm provides streamlined access to:

“Pioneering” Medical Research                Niche Market “Colonizers” 
Mass Market “Consolidators”                 Market Driving Forces
Non-Dilutive Funding Opportunities       Risk Capital Deal Flow 
Government Regulators, and                Regional Innovation Clusters