MedForeSight, LLC

PFP (Planning, Funding & Partnerships) "Partnerships": Cyber, Telemed, Cloud, Open

PFP "Partnerships" offers a range of bespoke, Subject Matter Expert (SME) consulting services ranging from CyberHealth Security and Telemedicine to Cloud Computing and Open Health Systems.  We can help you find the right SMEs and develop the policies and procedures necessary to implement emerging medical technology in real world environments of business models and security requirements.  Please contact us directly for pricing and estimates.

CyberHealth Security
Health IT Managed Services Organization (MSO)
Accountable Care Organization(ACO)
Health Information Exchange(HIE)
Direct Messaging 
Clinical Video Telemedicine
Store & Forward
Home & Mobile Telehealth

Cloud Computing
ClearDATA ...
Exclusively for Healthcare, Secure,HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting
Open Health Systems
Open Source
Open Systems